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Kreasi Bikin Kue Cheese Cake Simple Banget

Kreasi Bikin Kue Cheese Cake Simple Banget - 

If more commonly known as the oyster mushroom, button, ear or straw, the enoki mushrooms enrich variants of this type of fungus that is very good for consumption. A mix of asparagus and onion flowers will certainly be a fresh and tasty dish. While the combination will add the shrimp and savory dishes as well as create more special taste.

Therefore, good cooking this time can be used as a simple a reference to the family daily diet with the use of ingredients and spices as below:

250 grams - fresh shrimps washed and cored head
200 grams - enoki mushrooms cut perkuntum
200 grams - hard edges disposed asparagus, washed and cut into pieces
200 grams - onion flower washed, cut into pieces
5 tablespoons - Water
6 pieces - red curly chili chopped
1 piece - chopped tomatoes
1 stalk - chopped scallion
1 tablespoon - granulated sugar
1/2 spoon tomb - salt
2 tablespoons - soy sauce
2 tablespoons - soy sauce
1 teaspoon - powdered broth / flavoring
oil for frying to taste
Softened seasoning :
6 grains - red onion
3 cloves - Garlic
1 teaspoon - pepper seeds

How to Make Asparagus Sauté Shrimp Mix:
Heat the pan and let oil, after sufficient heat and saute the ingredients are mashed and stir until fragrant.
Enter curly red chili, tomato and onion, stirring, stirring enter the shrimp and stir until shrimp yellowish color.
Add the asparagus, onion flowers and mushrooms and stir-stir again until well blended spices and pervasive.
Pour water, put sugar, salt, soy sauce, soy sauce and bouillon powder / flavoring. Stir again until the spices to infuse and cook until cooked and then lift and ready to serve.

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