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Kreasi Masak Sate Padang Bumbu Kecap Manis

October 17, 2015

Kreasi Masak Sate Padang Bumbu Kecap Manis - When looking for one of a variety of simple snack that has a source of the delicacy of the typical taste of spicy seasoning seblak, we can choose a unique processing of the basic ingredients of the raw crackers cooked with scrambled eggs seblak this time.

Seblak crackers with a presentation called seblak fry or soup are other variants of the typical snacks Bandung this is already very popular, especially for the Sundanese people. Seblak original Bandung originally made of crackers aci (tapioca / starch) crude kencur cooked with spices, chili and onions as the main sauce ingredient basis. 

Today more and more wet seblak creations with other materials or various combinations along with variations in the use of spices.

Recipes Seblak Wet Bandung
There are several ways to make wet seblak of crackers, crackers flabbiness can be set before it is processed like boiled first for a very soft, soaked enough hot water for a little mushy or direct cooked with spices for results rather chewy.

Materials :
1 egg
100 grams - raw colorful crackers aci
50 grams - macaroni
500 ml - Water
1/2 teaspoon - flavoring / bouillon powder
1/2 teaspoon - of salt
1 teaspoons - of sugar
6 tablespoons - oil for sauteing and frying eggs
Softened seasoning :
2 cm - kencur
1 clove - garlic
7 pieces - red chili sauce
10 pieces - red chili keritng

How To Make Wet Seblak Bandung
Heat 3 tablespoons of oil, fried eggs scrambled until half cooked, set aside.
Prepare a skillet, heat the oil and saute the seasoning again smoothed. Stir until fragrant then enter scrambled eggs earlier, add half water (250 ml) in advance, stirring, stirring to prevent burning.
Enter the colorful crackers, macaroni and the rest of the water, stirring, stirring. Give seasoning, salt and sugar and stir until well blended and spices to infuse and mature. Lift and ready to serve.

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