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Kreasi Masak Udang Rasa Asam Manis Lezat

Kreasi Masak Udang Rasa Asam Manis Lezat - 

Processed lodeh including simple dishes with ingredients that consist of a variety of vegetables that can be purchased in traditional markets. Lodeh fry slightly spicy coconut milk has a fresh taste when served as lunch menu along with side dishes and white rice warm.

Berkuah seasoning savory coconut milk definitely delicious when eaten with salted fish and tasted fresh and steady, combined with spicy green chili which will be posted later. There are a wide variety of basic materials used in how to cook, this time we share how to make practical white lodeh fry made from soybean, squash and green chili and red chili sauce that has a spicy flavor.

Vegetable Recipes Pumpkin Lodeh Siam
Materials :
1 plank (250 grams) - tempe is cut lengthwise with a size of 3x1 cm
250 grams - a squash washed and diced
100 grams - large green chili cut menyerong
1 piece - chopped tomatoes
1 stalk - chopped scallion
250 ml - 1/2 thick coconut milk from coconuts
500 ml - Water
5 tablespoons - cooking oil for sauteing

Softened seasoning :
5 eggs - red onion
2 cloves of garlic
3 point - red chili sauce
1 teaspoon - powdered pepper
4 items - hazelnut
1 tablespoon - salt
1 tablespoon - granulated sugar
1 teaspoon - powdered bouillon
1 tablespoon - brown sugar Yag already combed

How to Make Vegetable Lodeh Labu Siam:
Prepare a skillet, heat the oil and saute the ingredients are blended, stir until fragrant. While stirred add tomatoes and scallion.
Taungkan water 200 ml of 500 ml and enter tempeh, squash and green chili big stir again until well blended.
Finally pour the coconut milk and the rest of the water and stir until the spices to infuse, boil and cook until cooked. Lift and ready to serve while warm.

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